You're Just Too Good to Be True

Sofija Stefanovic

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Sofija Stefanovic visits her eighty-year-old friend Bill and suspects he's being scammed over the internet i not for the first time. Compelled by Bill's devastating stories of online dating, heartbreak and bankruptcy, Sofija gets drawn into the underworld of romance scams. Her investigations take her to victims, experts and ultimately to her computer, where she uses a dead relative's photo to set up her own senior's dating profile. In the hope of interviewing a scammer, Sofija wades into murky territory as her lies grow and her online relationships get personal. As she moves through this confusing world, Sofija finds herself confronted by questions about loneliness, love and greed. You're Just Too Good To Be Trueis a sometimes very funny and sometimes desperately poignant investigation into the dark underside of love in the digital age. 'So well done. Bill's story is an amplification of the madness and delusion we've all gone through chasing love.' John Safran

ISBN: 9780143572121
Publication Date: 11-Feb-2015
Publisher: Penguin Random House