Billy Law

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XXL is Billy Law's answer to 'what's next' after publishing the successful Man Food in 2014. What was next was bigger, more epic street food and cult dishes gathered from his travels around the globe in recent years - XXL is Man Food on steroids.

Through 70 incredible dishes - covering snacks, burgers, mains, desserts and drinks - Billy taps into the contemporary street food scene. This is not food for the faint-hearted or those into 'clean eating' or 'the paleo lifestyle' - thank god! These are honest-to-goodness recipes that are bold on flavour, size and, yup, calories. Dig in if you love great comfort food and street eats from all corners of the globe as well as pimped-up classic dishes.

ISBN: 9781925418590
Publication Date: 01-Feb-2018
Publisher: Smith Street Books