World of Chickens

Nick Earls

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Phil and Frank are best mates and med students who work at Ron Todd's World of Chickens as part-time package deal. Phil's out the front on shifts in the chicken suit, Frank's up back frying burgers. they are the A team, and the World is a sanctuary from the pressures of home and uni and a place to scheme about girls. Some day frank hopes to be a surgeon. Phil's secret dream is to be a film-maker. But big dreams seem a long way off from the inside of a chicken suit.

Life at the World gets a bit sticky when Phil falls big time for Ron's daughter, Frank has it bad for Ron's wife, and business is down. Suddenly Phil finds he is the reluctant oracle in dental health, strategic planning and marriage guidance. . .

ISBN: 9780143000990
Publication Date: 01-Jul-2002
Publisher: Penguin Books Australia