Word Fall 1

Gareth Moore

$22.99 Paperback
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Wordle, the simple but addictive word puzzle, has inspired Dr Gareth Moore, bestselling author of puzzle, brain-training and activity books, to ingeniously create a paper game with 350 all-new Word Fall puzzles. This word game gives players six attempts to correctly find a word.

Word Fall 1 features:

- 350 all-new puzzles
- No repeating letters
- No UK-only or US-only spellings
- Trickier 6-letter word section so you can challenge yourself!

Grab a pencil and get to grips with Word Fall.

This is the perfect gift for commuters, avid Wordle fans who hunger for more than one puzzle a day, and anyone who wants to practice brain training!

ISBN: 9781399708647
Publication Date: 03-Mar-2022
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton