Witchcraft: a Modern Guide

Alestrel Evergreen

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Delve into the ancient and venerable Craft of the Wise and learn the basics of witchcraft, both modern and traditional.


It's an exciting journey, filled with insights into the Old Ways of traditional wise women (and people of any gender), ways to live life in tune with the natural ways of Mother Earth, and even suggestions for incantations to inspire you to work your own magic.


The Craft of the Wise uses the Wheel of the Year -- from the Imbolc sabbat at the start of spring, through the midwinter solstice to the Yule sabbat and back to Imbolc -- and the different parts of this book follow much the same pattern, including the basics of witchcraft, both modern and traditional.

Please take the information offered here and make it your own. Expand, explore and experiment, and enjoy crafting your own Path.

  • 'What is Witchcraft?' covers all the basics: common deities, sacred spaces, the traditional tools, the festivals, and rules that should be followed to keep all safe.
  • 'Practising Witchcraft' provides guidance and suggestions on how to bring the Craft into your own life, how to live without harming others or our Mother Earth, and how to use the Craft to empower and energize yourself.
  • 'Your Witchcraft Year' contains ways of weaving celebrations into your life and using them to enliven and inspire you.


Work your own magic, using ancient lore with a modern twist to ground and connect you to the earth and its cycles through ritual and celebration.

ISBN: 9781922539229
Publication Date: 02-Mar-2022
Publisher: Exisle Publishing Limited