Why Would Anyone Want to Swing a Cat

Daily Mail

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Why is bureaucracy known as red, not yellow or blue tape?

What is haywire and why do we go it?

Why is a yawn infection?

Who was Parker and why is he so Nosy?

These are just some of the burning issues that have been exercising the minds of Daily Mail readers in recent years, and 1001 of the most entertaining have been reproduced in this bumper collection.
Not all of the questions featured will have been nagging away at you for years - the scrap metal value of the Eiffel Tower, for example; and some of the answers throw up intriguing alternatives (does the expression "peg out" have its origins in the game of cribbage or in grave digging practices?); but for those who are inveterate devourers of trivia teasers and fascinating facts, The Daily Mail's Answers to Correspondents is a veritable feast.

ISBN: 9781849016506
Publication Date: 18-Apr-2013
Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group Limited