Where Architects Stay in Europe

Sibylle Krämer

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It bodes well when architecture meets vacation, it is a combination that promises relaxation and pleasure, inspiration and style, all in one. Each of these very special European lodgings is distinguished by the highest stylistic quality, personal touches, originality and passion for detail: Whether minimalist, experimental, posh or lavish; whether newly built or refurbished; whether houseboat, luxury loft or treehouse; whether one-time church, vineyard, mill or pump room; whether located in the trendiest metropolis, high in the mountains or on a remote coastline; whether holiday home, resort, glamping or bed and breakfast... The selected unique and individual projects appeal to traveling architects and design aficionados as well as individual travelers with discerning tastes, while at the same time reflecting the diverse beauty of the old continent.

ISBN: 9783037682326
Publication Date: 15-Jul-2018
Publisher: Braun Publishing AG