Where Angel Fears to Tread

Robert Perrier; Robert Whyte (Editor)

$24.95 Paperback
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Where Angel Fears To Tread is a fast-paced thriller set in Brisbane, in the genre known as Brisbane Noir. Angel is not your average hit man. He has a deep understanding of literature, classical music and fine art. Some people take drugs, go shopping or get super fit. Angel reads books, studies the paintings of old masters, listens to fine music and kills people. After 20 successful and extremely well-paid hits, he breaks up with his girlfriend, punches out a Queensland cop and is told by his handler Calione his career is over. His DNA will lead back to all those hits. Angel has to decide who lives and who dies, with both the cops and Calione after him. Where Angel Fears To Tread is the debut novel by Robert Perrier.

ISBN: 9780648519126
Publication Date: 01-Nov-2019
Publisher: ToadShow Pty, Limited