When You're Not OK: a Toolkit for Tough Times

Jill Stark

$19.99 Hardback
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From Jill Stark, bestselling author of Happy Never After, comes this warm and practical book of tips and wisdom to help guide you through the tough times.

This is a self-care manual for the days when you feel alone - the days when you worry that you're too weird or broken or unfixable to be normal. With compassion, humour, and honesty, Jill offers signposts to help you find the path back to yourself.

Whether you're having a bad day, or a run of bad days that seems never-ending,When You're Not OKis an emotional first-aid kit for your body, mind, and soul, written by someone who's been there too.

ISBN: 9781925849332
Publication Date: 03-Sep-2019
Publisher: Scribe Publications