What's Wrong with You?

Sarah Holper

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Take a tour through your body and its common medical symptoms with What's Wrong with You? an insider's guide for anybody with a body - particularly one that itches, aches, or malfunctions.

Over a billion health-related Google searches - more than one in every 15 Google enquiries - are made every day. Ask Dr. Google about your headache and it will spew forth a useless list of possible diagnoses (invariably topped by brain cancer). But dubious diagnostic labels just aren't satisfying. What people really want to know is: why am I feeling like this? What's actually going on in my body to make me feel like this?

In What's Wrong With You? Dr. Sarah Holper takes you on a tour through the human body, explaining the reason for common medical symptoms that cause concern. With interesting facts, personal anecdotes, insider doctor secrets and memorable patient encounters spread throughout this book, Dr. Holper lends her working knowledge to those seeking to understand just what's going on inside and outside their bodies.

This guide will not try to diagnose you. Rather, it will arm you with the knowledge you need to understand why your body reacts to illness the way it does.

ISBN: 9781743797112
Publication Date: 16-Jun-2021
Publisher: Hardie Grant Publishing