Walking on the Ceiling

Aysegül Savas

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Nunu moves from Istanbul to Paris following her mother's death where she meets M., an older British writer whose novels about Istanbul Nunu has always admired and they fall into an unusual friendship of eccentric correspondence and long walks around the city. M. is working on a new novel set in Turkey and Nunu tells him about her family, hoping to impress and inspire him. She recounts the idyllic landscapes of her past, mythical family meals, and her elaborate childhood games. As she does so, she also begins to confront her mother's silence and anger, her father's death, and the growing unrest in Istanbul. Their intimacy deepens, so does Nunu's fear of revealing too much to M. and of giving too much of herself and her Istanbul away.

ISBN: 9780525542759
Publication Date: 01-Apr-2019
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group