Utopia for Realists

Rutger Bregman

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We live in a time of unprecedented upheaval, when technology and so-called progress have made us richer but more uncertain than ever before. We have questions about the future, society, work, happiness, family and money, and yet no political party is providing us with the answers.
We need a new movement. One defined by a political outsider, the voice of a generation, one who doesn't harness rage or agitate grievances but who instead provides us with the clear and convincing answers for which we've been looking. Rutger Bregman is that voice.
From a fifteen-hour week to a universal basic income, from open borders to getting rid of the fallacy that a higher salary is automatically a reflection of societal value, Bregman looks at the evidence for and against throughout history and up to the present day - and argues 'Why not'?
Utopia for Realists is an idea whose time has come. A visionary manifesto for a disillusioned age, a manifesto to spark debate and inspiration - a manifesto to change the world.

ISBN: 9781408890271
Publication Date: 29-Mar-2017
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc