Turning down the Noise

Christine Jackman

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Through the centuries, wise men and women have sought silence when seeking insight, wisdom and creative inspiration. Is neuroscience now beginning to catch up, to deliver proof that the mystics, monks and medicine men were onto something?

Turning Down the Noise explores, through Christine Jackman's own quest for a better way of being, what is happening to our brains, to our lives and our communities as our world becomes noisier than ever before. More importantly, it asks whether we can reverse the damage through simple daily acts designed to strip out the stimuli and reclaim the silence.

Our children have a plethora of devices and technology available to them, but increasingly are distracted, irritable and struggling to learn. The modern search for a better sense of wellbeing has fuelled an industry worth billions of dollars but at the same time the use of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications continue to skyrocket.

This is real-life working mum and respected journalist Christine Jackman's personal quest for a better way of being. Seeking ways to channel and capture the clarity and peace of mind so often lacking in our lives, she writes with a lightness of touch, sharing her own experiences and digging into her subject with the zeal of an investigative journalist with an enquiring mind.

ISBN: 9781760525897
Publication Date: 01-Sep-2020
Publisher: Murdoch Books Pty Limited