Angélica Gorodischer; Amalia Gladhart (Translator)

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Science fiction meets magical realism in this brilliant novel from one of Latin America's best-loved science-fiction writers

In the cafes and bars of Rosario, Argentina, there are sure to be many tall tales told. But none, perhaps, quite as spectacular as those recounted by Trafalgar Medrano. With a coffeepot and a pack of cigarettes to hand, he will nonchalantly tell you all about his otherworldly adventures- from studying dancing troglodytes on a mucky planet, to befriending the only chaotic man in a perfectly arranged society, to a close shave in 15th century Spain. The things Trafalgar has seen...Cosmopolitan, wildly imaginative and, above all else, pure fun, Angelica Gorodischer's Trafalgar is an utterly unique work of science fiction.

ISBN: 9780241467961
Publication Date: 06-Aug-2020
Publisher: Penguin Books, Limited