Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Me

Javier Marías

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Víctor, a ghostwriter, is just about to have an affair with Marta, a married woman, when - in the bedroom, half-undressed - she drops dead in his arms. He panics and slips away. But Marta's family are all too aware that she was not alone when she died, and Deán, the widowed husband, is determined to find out who was sharing her bed that night. Víctor, accustomed to a life of pretending, finds that he cannot live in the shadows forever. Tomorrow in the Battle Think on Meis a gripping and moving meditation on the hold that the dead have over the living.

'Marías writes with elegance, wit and masterful suspense.' The Times Literary Supplement

The narrative runs like a psychological thriller, with macabre and comic interludes: the narrator handles it as a master of artistry and ambiguity.' Independent on Sunday

ISBN: 9780099448372
Publication Date: 02-Apr-1998
Publisher: Random House