Time Rich

Steve Glaveski

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Recover wasted time and start living your fullest life Most of us wouldn't dare give away our money, but when it comes to time, we let it go without a second thought. Business and creative professionals often dedicate long hours to their work, with little to show for it. We take on more than we should, we treat everything as urgent, and we attend pointless meetings. This book can help you see where you might be sabotaging your own goals. Time Rich helps you identify where you're losing personal time and mismanaging career time. Through practical productivity tools and techniques, author and entrepreneur Steve Glaveski will show you how to be more productive at work, have more time to pursue your personal and life goals, and build a culture that supports achieving objectives without risking burnout. Learn how to: * Identity how you are wasting time * Manage your attention, get into the zone and stay there longer * Prioritise, automate and outsource tasks * Optimise your mind and body Time Rich is a blueprint for recovering your work hours, achieving more and spending time where it matters most.

ISBN: 9780730383871
Publication Date: 02-Nov-2020
Publisher: John\\Wiley#& Sons, Incorporated