The Time Is Now, Monica Sparrow

Matt Howard

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Castadrift by loss, Monica Sparrow is marooned in her semi in Neasden, theso-called 'loneliest village in London', her home stuffed with nothing sheneeds. Is it time for her to finally get her house in order? Can she isolatewhat really matters, and clear the junk? And while it's too late for her familyto be as they were, can Monica fashion an entirely new one, from theunlikeliest set of contenders?

Monica'ssister, Diane, already a right piece of work and looking to take it up a notch,seems lost to Monica forever. But a few unexpected diversions see her careeringin a most unanticipated direction. Xavier, a master of minimalism, discardspeople as easily as any other clutter. An editor at a prestigious publishinghouse, he's lumbered with Monica -- a wannabe writer spectacularly differentfrom any he's previously encountered.

Havinglived virtually family-free into adulthood, Jamie suddenly acquires Monica andDiane as elder sisters, and a job, a proper one. Used to living on the marginsand unfamiliar with group dynamics, this proverbial black sheep might justbecome the most improbable anchor.

Fourisolated people. Thrown together by family and circumstance. A humorous and heartwarming story of second chances and new beginnings.

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ISBN: 9781925760170
Publication Date: 01-Mar-2019
Publisher: Transit Lounge Publishing