Three o'Clock in the Morning

Gianrico Carofiglio; Howard Curtis (Translator)

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From one of Italy's best-selling authors a coming-of-age story set over 48 hours in the streets of Marseille, as a father and son connect for the first time.

Antonio is on the cusp of adulthood, trying to work out who to be and what to do. His father, once a brilliant mathematician, hasn't figured much in his son's life since the divorce from Antonio's mother, a beautiful and elusive woman. A diagnosis of epilepsy and hope for a cure takes father and son to Marseille, where they must spend two days and two nights together, without sleep. In a foreign city, under strained circumstances, they get to know each other and connect for the first time.

Elegant, warm and tender, set against the vivid backdrop of 1980s Marseille and its beautiful calanques, Three O'Clock in the Morning is an unforgettable story about illusions and regret, about talent and the passage of time and, most of all, about love.

ISBN: 9781922268792
Publication Date: 02-Feb-2021
Publisher: Text Publishing Company