This Is How We Change the Ending

Vikki Wakefield

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Sixteen-year-old Nate McKee is doing his best to be invisible. He's worried about a lot of things--how his dad treats Nance and his twin half-brothers; the hydro crop in his bedroom; his reckless friend, Merrick. Nate hangs out at the local youth centre and fills his notebooks with things he can't say. But when some of his pages are stolen, and his words are graffitied at the centre, Nate realises he has allies. He might be able to make a difference, change his life, and claim hisfuture. Or can he? Raw and real, funny and heartbreaking, this is a story about what it takes to fight back when you're not a hero.

ISBN: 9781922268136
Publication Date: 03-Sep-2019
Publisher: Text Publishing Company