Things My Mother Taught Me

Claire Halliday

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Things My Mother Taught Me features stories of high profile mothers, and high profile people - from young actors, television personalities and older intellectuals to a famous chef, a fashion designer, a comedian, and many more - reflecting on their own relationship with their mothers. It is an exploration of all the stuff mothers know (or don't know) and how that knowledge and the ability to share it - for good and bad - helps to shape a person.Through interviews ranging from funny to poignant, this book documents not only the important relationship that each and every human life begins with, but also the evolving nature of contemporary Australian society.Today, with so many fractured families and the important connections to extended family lost, those pearls of wisdom mothers used to pass on to children are more prized than ever before.High-profile women and men who are socially and culturally relevant, and are from a range of careers and backgrounds.The stories capture the voices of these prominent people, exploring a range of complex relationships with their mothers.#

ISBN: 9781760069995
Publication Date: 01-Apr-2016
Publisher: Echo Publishing