The Writer Laid Bare

Lee Kofman

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The Writer Laid Bare is a book for everyone who loves the craft of  good writing. Be they a voracious reader wanting to know more or  an emerging writer themselves, best-selling author and writing coach Lee Kofman has distilled her wisdom, insight and passion into this  guide to writing and emotional honesty. 

A combination of raw memoir and a professional writing toolkit, Lee examines her own life, rich in story and emotion to reveal how committing to a truthful writing practice helped her conquer  writer's block and develop her own authentic voice. 

'Show don't tell' has never been so compelling. 

Inspired by her popular writing courses, Lee also offers practical  advice on drafts, edits and how to achieve a life/writing balance.   How combining her writing with motherhood led her to recognise that ' the pram in the hall' issue is real. 

Plus the ultimate reading list of books you really should read, from Chekhov to Elena Ferrante and Helen Garner. 

'The Writer Laid Bare takes us on an intimate journey into the magical, and often challenging, terrain an author inhabits. Kofman courageously shares with the reader her own  probing writerly journey of self-discovery.' - Leah Kaminsky 

ISBN: 9781920727550
Publication Date: 30-Mar-2022
Publisher: Ventura Press