The Women's Atlas

Joni Seager

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is is not just an atlas about women. It's a feminist remapping of the world.' - Joni Seager Joni Seager's award-winning The Women's Atlas illustrates the status of women worldwide today. Through cutting-edge infographics, the atlas portrays how women are living across continents and cultures: * Gender Equality * LGBTQIA+ Rights * Literacy and Information Technology * Feminism * Domestic Violence * Work and the Global Economy * Changing Households * Motherhood * Government and Power * The Culture of Beauty, and much more. The result is the most comprehensive and accessible global analysis of key issues facing women: the advances that have been made and the distances still to be travelled. 'The Women's Atlas puts inequality into clear, confronting perspective and inspires us to do more for all women.' - Rosie Batty, Domestic Violence Campaigner and 2015 Australian of the Year

ISBN: 9781742236186
Publication Date: 01-Nov-2018
Publisher: NewSouth Publishing