The US Lobby and Australian Defence Policy

Vince Scappatura

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Australian society and its leaders generally take for granted the importance and value of this nations relationship with the United States. The US is commonly thought of as the worlds great purveyor of liberal values and the rule of law, and as a powerful friend indispensable to Australian security. In this book Vince Scappatura demonstrates how these conceptions are underpinned by the work of the Australian American Leadership Dialogue, Australias most important, private, pro-US lobby group. As the inner workings of this lobby are unveiled for the first time, Scappatura also discusses the considerable costs to Australia of its strong military ties to the US, draws into question notions of benign US power, and demonstrates that suggestions of the US keeping Australia safe from invasion are flatly wrong. For Australias national security elite, other considerations, to do with power and wealth and spreading political influence, are to the fore.

ISBN: 9781925523522
Publication Date: 01-Jun-2019
Publisher: Monash University Publishing