The Times Quintagrams Book 2

The Times Mind Games

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Challenge yourself at home with word puzzles

500 fun and fast, word puzzles, only 5 clues to solve per puzzle!

"I love Quintagrams. Brilliant idea. Thank you for all the fun I get from these puzzles." Susan Sleight

"The Quintagram is now positively my favourite puzzle." Gavin Heys

"Fabulous fun." Jeffrey Shaw

Try these crossword-inspired puzzles for a short, sharp brain challenge.

You will find both "concise" and "cryptic" clues here, something to suit all tastes and abilities. Ideal if you need a word workout in super quick time with only five clues to solve in each puzzle, so get cracking!

How does it work? Solve all five clues using each of the letters provided once only. Cross out the letters as you go until you have used them all.

Start off with the concise clues and work your way up to the trickier cryptic ones.

Solutions are easily found at the back of the book.

ISBN: 9780008404185
Publication Date: 03-Sep-2020
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Limited