The Times MindGames Number and Logic Puzzles Book 4: 500 Brain-Crunching Puzzles, Featuring 7 Popular Mind Games (the Times Puzzle Books)

The Times Mind Games

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Quiz your family at home with crosswords, puzzles and games.

500 number and logic puzzles to test your mental agility with this collection from the MindGames section of The Times, featuring seven different types of puzzle challenge.

The perfect gift for all number and logic puzzle enthusiasts, with more than 500 assorted number and logic puzzles, this collection contains these favourites:

  • Brain Trainer - 72 mental maths challenges
  • Cell Blocks - 96 Japanese logic puzzles
  • Futoshiki - use the numbers 1-5 to fill in the 72 grids
  • Kakuro - 64 mathematical crossword puzzles
  • KenKen - 72 arithmetical logic puzzles
  • Set Square - 72 mental arithmetic grids
  • Suko - 96 espresso Su Doku puzzles

ISBN: 9780008343774
Publication Date: 03-Oct-2019
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Limited