The Tech Diet

Brad Marshall

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Are you a parent struggling to set healthy, effective rules around technology in your house? Or have you already set clear parameters but find yourself outsmarted by your tech-savvy kids? Are you sick of hearing technology experts throw statistics and research at you with few practical parenting strategies on offer?

Brad Marshall, The Unplugged Psychologist, is on the front line helping parents deal with the dominance of gaming and problematic technology use. His clinic, the Internet Addiction Clinic @ Kidspace, was one of the first in Australia established to help young children, teenagers and families whose lives are totally torn apart by technology.

The Tech Diet for your Child and Teen provides real-life strategies that any parent can implement to create a healthy balance and put your kids' development first. Based on solid psychological research explaining why screen addiction is so powerful, Brad's jargon-free advice gives a clear plan for parents who have had enough and are serious about changing the way their kids use and interact with technology.

The Tech Diet for your Child and Teen contains:

  • Ways to apply workable solutions for excessive internet use and gaming rather than fighting about it
  • Advice on how to take control of the Wi-Fi and manage smartphones and data
  • Practical tips to help survive the school holidays
  • How to tackle kids telling you they are doing 'homework' while switching screens
  • A holistic plan that puts your child's wellbeing first, screens second
  • Special information for children with conditions such as ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, anxiety and depression

ISBN: 9781460758014
Publication Date: 17-Jun-2019
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Australia