The Taiwan Choice: Our Critical Dilemma: Australian Foreign Affairs 14

Jonathan Pearlman

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"Whether or not America chooses to fight, a crisis over Taiwan would most likely see its position destroyed. This is the real flaw in America's position, and Australia's." HUGH WHITE

The fourteenth issue of Australian Foreign Affairs examines the rising tensions over the future of Taiwan as China's pursuit of "unification" pits it against the United States and US allies such as Australia. The Taiwan Choice looks at the growing risk of a catastrophic war and the outlook for Australia as it faces a strategic choice that could reshape its future in Asia.

Hugh White reveals why war over Taiwan is the gravest danger Australia has faced.
Linda Jakobson probes how Xi Jinping views Taiwan in an age of Chinese expansionism.
Brendan Taylor examines what a conflict over Taiwan might look like.
Yu-Jie Chen explores the Taiwanese view of autonomy, independence and China.
Stephen Dziedzic considers whether a generational divide is fuelling Australia's intensifying China debate.
William Stoltz examines how Canberra can combat malware and cyberaggression.
Cait Storr writes on the geopolitical space race and the likelihood of nuclear war.
Andrew Wear looks at how Australia can learn from Singapore, the world's most successful city state.
PLUS Correspondence on AFA13- India Rising? from Lavina Lee, Bob Brown and more.

ISBN: 9781760643454
Publication Date: 21-Feb-2022
Publisher: Black Inc.