The Stranger

Melanie Raabe; Imogen Taylor

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"A fast, twisty read for fans of Paula Hawkins and Gillian Flynn." --Booklist on The Trap

"The tables turn and turn again, while the reader's trust in the narrator's credibility is tested to the max." --Sydney Morning Herald on The Trap/p>>

"Raabe cleverly sets up her story, inserting twists and red herrings so that the reader is kept guessing until the final, staggering reveal . . . this page turner is even better than Raabe's debut." --BookMooch

"Full of suspense, right up to the final paragraphs. . . . An edgy y thriller." --AU Review

Seven years ago, Philipp Petersen vanished on a trip to Colombia. Since then, his wife Sarah has waited anxiously for his return, while raising their son alone. When she receives news that Philipp has been found alive, she wonders how her husband will be changed, after years in captivity? Sarah is prepared for the worst.

But when the man identified as Philipp arrives at the airport, with the paparazzi swarming, Sarah is stunned. He is not her husband, but a complete stranger. And he threatens Sarah. If she exposes him, he will also tell the whole world something about her, something she desperately wants to hide, something that would destroy her entire life.

Melanie Raabe's debut novel, The Trap, won the Stuttgart Crime Prize for best crime debut, was translated into more than 20 languages. Film rights have been snapped up by a major studio. The Stranger, already a bestseller in Germany, is her second novel.

ISBN: 9781925498042
Publication Date: 02-Oct-2017
Publisher: Text Publishing Company