The Sinking of HMAS Sydney: How Australia's Greatest Maritime Mystery Was Solved

David L. Mearns

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The gripping account of how Australia's greatest warship was lost and found.

'We just found Sydney. We've got it. It's absolutely crystalclear. She's sitting upright in a small debris field. There's no doubt aboutit.'

For sixty-six years it was Australia's greatest maritimemystery: what happened to the 'pride of the fleet' HMAS Sydney - was she beatenin a fair fight with the German cruiser Kormoran, or was there treacheryinvolved? Could the Kormoran survivors' account of the battle and itsaftermath be believed? Why were there no survivors from Sydney? And where wasthe wreck?

One of the world's foremost shipwreck hunters, David L. Mearns firstheard the story of the Sydney in 1996. It left an indelible impression on him. Hunting the Sydney ten years later tested all his skills as a detective, engineer,marine scientist and navigator. But find it he did, and with that momentous discovery came answers to the mystery; closure to relatives still grieving the 645 men dead; accountability to the RAN, which had all but given up hopeof ever finding its most iconic ship; and a sad but gripping explanation of the staggering naval disaster, allowing Australians to finallymake sense of the conflicting, conspiratorial and painful event.

ISBN: 9781460756379
Publication Date: 21-May-2018
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Australia