The Scandalous Life of Sasha Torte

Lesley Truffle

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Revenge, redemption...and pastry. A witty novel from the author of Hotel du Barry.

In the winter of 1912 on the wild West Coast of Tasmania, Wolfftown's most notorious heiress and murderess, Sasha Torte, tells the tale of her own spectacular downfall.

Forsaken by her parents and raised by criminals and reprobates, Sasha becomes a world-famous pastry chef at the tender age of 17. Entanglement with the disreputable Dasher brothers leads to love, but also to a dangerous addiction.

Behind bars in Wolfftown's jail, Sasha sips premium champagne as she recalls a life of seduction, betrayal, ghosts, opium and an indiscreet quantity of confectionary - and plots her escape.

The Scandalous Life of Sasha Torte is a wild romp of dastardly deeds, intrepid protagonists, dark villains, wild gangs, luxurious hotels...and mouth-watering treats.

ISBN: 9781460751442
Publication Date: 23-Jan-2017
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Australia