The Psychic Tests: a Deep Dive into the World of Believers and Sceptics

Gary Nunn

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Award-winning journalist Gary Nunn investigates psychics, mediums and astrologers to understand their uncanny power and whether it's used for good or evil.

Gary has always been a sceptic. His sister Taren, an avid believer, consults mediums to navigate a family trauma. When Gary reports a news story about a clairvoyant's link to the collapse of a huge stockbroking firm, personal questions become professional. Why do such large swathes of the population want their fortunes told? Why this need to believe? What is he missing?

So begins a two-year investigation into the mysterious, unregulated world of psychics. Gary tries some out himself, sometimes with hilarious results. He hears about their involvement in the media, the corporate world, government, the criminal justice system and beyond. As we wade further into the post-truth era, Gary unearths the unprecedented power of psychics today.
Discover the world's most spookily accurate psychics and mediums, with stories so incredible even the sceptics cannot fully explain them. Believe in them or not, they'll impact who will date you, who will befriend you, who will hire you and even who will fire you.

The Psychic Tests is a gripping, often moving examination of trust, faith and connection. Strap yourself in things are about to get weird.

ISBN: 9780648748908
Publication Date: 03-Aug-2021
Publisher: Pantera Press