The Power of Discord

Ed Tronick; Claudia M. Gold

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How can we create more meaningful and intimate connections with our loved ones? By using moments of discord to strengthen our relationships, explains this original, deeply researched book.

You might think that perfect harmony is the defining characteristic of healthy relationships, but the truth is that human interactions are messy, complicated, and confusing. And according to renowned psychologist Ed Tronick and paediatrician Claudia Gold, that is not only okay, but crucial to our social and emotional development. In The Power of Discordthey show how working through the inevitable dissonance of human connection is the path to better relationships with romantic partners, family, friends, and colleagues.

Dr. Tronick was one of the first researchers to show, via 'The Still-Face Experiment', that babies are profoundly affected by their parents' emotions and behaviour. His work, which brought about a foundational shift in our understanding of human development, shows that our highly evolved sense of self makes us separate, yet our survival depends on connection.

Working through the volley of mismatch and repair in everyday life helps us form deep, lasting, trusting relationships, resilience in times of stress and trauma, and a solid sense of self in the world. Drawing on Dr Tronick's research and Dr Gold's clinical experience, The Power of Discordis a refreshing and original look at our ability to relate to others and to ourselves.

ISBN: 9781922310477
Publication Date: 01-Sep-2020
Publisher: Scribe Publications