The Podcaster's Audio Handbook

Corey Green

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Podcasting is a powerful tool of communication and creative expression that doesn't need to be intimidating. This book brings together the creative and technical aspects of audio engineering to help podcasters communicate their ideas effectively and creatively. The Podcaster's Audio Handbook focuses on simple techniques that immediately elevate the audio quality of your podcast. The book provides an overview of podcast recording and editing techniques, so that podcasters can avoid common pitfalls. Readers will also gain access to audio downloads to enhance the learning process. With this book, you can improve the technical aspects of recording and editing your podcasts. Anyone can learn audio techniques and I encourage anyone to share their stories through podcasting. Unleash your creativity and connect with your audience!


What You Will Learn

 * Choose the correct file formats and settings

 * Set up a portable recorder

 * Make informed decisions about equipment purchases

 * Find suitable acoustic spaces to record inside and outside

 * Conduct an interview over the phone and the internet

 * Make a high-quality recording of an interview inside, outside and remotely

 * Edit your podcast to an intermediate standard


Who This Book Is For

 Perfect for a non-technical audience, or beginner to intermediate podcaster looking to improve the audio quality of their podcast

ISBN: 9781484273609
Publication Date: 04-Nov-2021
Publisher: Apress L. P.