The Performance

Claire Thomas

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'A potent meditation on the intensity of women's lives'
Charlotte Wood, author of The Weekend

'Read it as soon as you possibly can'
Emily Bitto, author of The Strays

'I read from start to finish almost without looking up'
Clare Bowditch, author of Your Own Kind of Girl

The false cold of the theatre makes it hard to imagine the heavy wind outside in the real world, the ash air pressing onto the city from the nearby hills where bushfires are taking hold.
The house lights lower.
The auditorium feels hopeful in the darkness.

As bushfires rage outside the city, three women watch a performance of a Beckett play.
Margot is a successful professor, preoccupied by her fraught relationship with her ailing husband. Ivy is a philanthropist with a troubled past, distracted by the snoring man beside her. Summer is a young theatre usher, anxious about the safety of her girlfriend in the fire zone.
As the performance unfolds, so does each woman's story. By the time the curtain falls, they will all have a new understanding of the world beyond the stage.

ISBN: 9780733644542
Publication Date: 23-Feb-2021
Publisher: Hachette Australia