The Palace of Angels

Mohammed Massoud Morsi

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Interwoven in the anguish and trauma of Palestine, is a cross-border romance of ineffable charm--served equally with the remorseless realism of war and the bare-skinned surrender of two young warriors who break the rules. He, a Palestinian and she, an Israeli soldier--confront the tyrannies of power--political, religious, and personal.
In a surge of almost giddying prose that pulls us page-by-page, that questions our values in a fever of anticipation, the reader is confronted by the dichotomy between love and the lifetime punishment of war. What do we ultimately become when we are bereft of hope? Are we really prepared to pay the price for what we believe in? This trilogy of novels begins with the reckless urge of idealism. It traverses the personal narrative rarely heard, and closes with a finale that any lover would applaud. It is irresistible reading.

ISBN: 9781925893045
Publication Date: 01-Sep-2019
Publisher: Wild Dingo Press