The Newcomer

Laura Elizabeth Woollett

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A gripping novelisation of an infamous murder, by the author of Beautiful Revolutionary.

Paulina is the captivating newcomer on a sleepy Pacific island, known for her hard drinking, disastrous relationships, and habit of walking alone. But now, in a hotel room on the island, her mother Judy Novak waits. And worries. She can't ignore the island's jagged cliffs and towering pines -- or the dread that Paulina has finally acted on her threats to take her own life. So when Paulina's body is discovered, Judy's worst fears are confirmed. Only, Paulina didn't kill herself. She was murdered.

So begins a thorny investigation, wherein every man on the island is a suspect yet none are as maligned as Paulina. But even death won't stop Judy Novak from fighting for her daughter's life.

ISBN: 9781922310231
Publication Date: 02-Jul-2021
Publisher: Scribe Publications