The New Heretics

Andy Thomas

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The most balanced and well-reasoned investigation available into the rise of divisive conspiracy theories and global polarization, QAnon US Capital invasion COVID-19 vaccine controversies alternative facts the "Great Reset" 5G and EMF sensitivity climate debates censorship cancel culture paranormal beliefs, Conspiracy theorists are now being branded the new heretics, threatening the fabric of modern society. Yet they call themselves "truth seekers" and see the mainstream establishment as the real enemy, its harsh censorship directly validating their views. Many ordinary people have lost trust in politicians and the media, as nuanced debate is crushed and information overload and manipulation breed uncertainty, civil unrest and mental health issues What will free speech mean in a technocratic future? Using his extensive experience of negotiating disputes between cynics and truth seekers, Andy Thomas explores the conspiracy mindset, peeling back unhelpful layers of bias on all sides to find constructive ways to bridge the polarized divides. Book jacket.

ISBN: 9781786785763
Publication Date: 14-Dec-2021
Publisher: Watkins Media Limited