The Mysterious Mr Jacob

John Zubrzycki

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'Oneof the most exciting  narrative historiesto come out of India.' William Dalrymple

It was a scandal thatrocked the highest echelons of the British Raj. In 1891, a notorious jewellerand curio dealer from Simla offered to sell the world's largest brilliant-cutdiamond to the fabulously wealthy Nizam of Hyderabad. If the audacious dealsucceeded it would set the merchant up for life. But the transaction wenthorribly wrong. The Nizam accused him of fraud, triggering a sensational trialin the Calcutta High Court that made headlines around the world.

The dealer was AlexanderMalcolm Jacob, a man of mysterious origins. After arriving penniless in Bombayin 1865, he became the most famous purveyor of precious stones in princelyIndia, and a confidante of Viceroys and Maharajas. Jacob also excelled in themagical arts. He inspired all those who met him, including Rudyard Kipling whoimmortalised him as Lurgan Sahib, the 'healer of sick pearls', in his novel Kim.

Now for the first time,John Zubrzycki, author of The Last Nizam, conveys the page-turningcolour, romance and adventure of Jacob's astonishing life. Starting on thebanks of the Tigris in modern-day Turkey where Jacob was born, Zubrzycki stripsaway the myths and legends. He follows Jacob's journey from the slums ofBombay, to the fabulous court of the Nizam of Hyderabad, from thehedonistic heights of Simla, the summer capital of the Raj, to the CalcuttaHigh Court. This is a story of India, of strange twists and unexpectedoutcomes. Most importantly Zubrzycki enters into and truly captures the spiritof the mysterious Mr Jacob, one of the most enigmatic and charismatic figuresof his time.

ISBN: 9780995359437
Publication Date: 03-Apr-2017
Publisher: Transit Lounge Publishing