The Moon Fix

Theresa Cheung; Indigo (Illustrator)

$35.00 Hardback
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Awaken, heal and transform your life with the Moon Fix. Do you want to feel alive and empowered? Bringing ancient wisdom to modern living, and featuring 48 lunar rituals to enrich every area of your life, The Moon Fix teaches you how to align yourself with the universe and manifest your deepest desire. From igniting self-confidence and boosting energy to relieving stress and letting go of hurt, this intuitive guide reveals how moon power can help you to achieve ambitious goals and address your most secret concerns. Learn when and how to synchronize with the lunar phases for a stronger spiritual connection, discover the secret to successful moon wishing and tips to enhance your lunar work - and use this transformational book to live a limitless life. Book jacket.

ISBN: 9781781319482
Publication Date: 31-Mar-2020
Publisher: Quarto Publishing Group UK