The Money Messenger

Angela Santalia

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You don't actually need to earn more money to have a better lifestyle.

You just need to use what you have but in a better way, even if all you have is an income.

Successful money management isn't taught in schools. Often, it isn't taught at home. So, how do you learn?

What if there was someone to teach what you need to know about money, so you avoid the common pitfalls of cash flow mismanagement and personal debt traps?

Angela Santalia is your teacher; your Money Messenger.

After working in the Australian Financial Planning industry for nearly two decades and through personal investment and life experience, Angela has definitely learned a lot about money, people, and their spending habits - she's seen what works and what doesn't.

The financial secrets and strategies shared in this book are simple to follow. They are tried, tested and proven to work. They are the forgotten, but essential basics of successful money management and suitable for all ages, whether just starting out, or starting over.

They are REAL. They WORK. They are TIMELESS.

You will learn step-by-step how to:

  • Control of your money and reduce money stress.
  • Set up your bank accounts and cash management correctly.
  • Avoid living payday to payday, increase your savings and have money left over.
  • Know the hidden truths behind personal debt - the real cost to you.
  • Get out of credit card debt in 3 steps.
  • Stop wasting money and increase your income.
  • Understand the basics of investing.
  • Buy your first property and calculate how much it will really cost.
  • Decide whether it's better to buy a home or an investment property.

ISBN: 9781925927610
Publication Date: 10-Jun-2021
Publisher: Wilkinson Publishing