The Merry Dance

Raymond Evans

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'Each of these fifty-seven offerings is a tone poem that condenses intensely personal impressions into gems of language, accessible and inviting, surpassing the writer's previous, engrossing collection. The volume flows: The language is so vivid, the imagery so palpable, that the individual pieces spring from the page. They communicate, rejoice and recount without artifice, openly and clearly. Evans is to be envied.' - Enda Bracken, multimedia educator

'Storyteller and historian, Raymond Evans writes poems of fragile memories, from childhood onwards, that unravel into tiny little wonderful worlds. Read them out loud: There is beauty in the weight of the words - the way they reveal the persona of the writer, the way they unfurl around the tongue. An exciting contribution to Evans's development as an Australian poet of promise.' - Janelle Evans, artist, writer, film-maker

'Raymond's second book of autobiographical poems covers a broad sweep. Equipped with remarkable memory and a clear, observant eye, even as a child, he recalls life in all its hues: family, friends, lovers, heroes and villains - the best and worst that it has thrown his way... Imagining the writer carefully weighing each word here, I look forward to volume three as the poet (with his merry band of dancers) continues his journey, with all its sidetracks, upon the long road of life. Evans leaves us crying for more.' - Bruce Hawker, political commentator, writer, campaigner

'The poetic style is uniquely passionate, entertaining and unflinching in its honesty. Raymond succeeds in taking his readers even deeper with this latest work, catapulting us into a diverse and vivid dance of time. Oh, what a trip this is, in a variety of styles that never disappoint - from childhood wanderlust to authentic historical stories that are compelling and unapologetically raw. There is fun here, turbulent times and warm-hearted reflections: a seamless and quintessential treasury of poetry.' - Catherine Holdsworth, poet, singer

"Raymond Evans is a poet with historical eyes. He gathers up our pasts with his own - youth and childhood, the old world and the new - in jewelled notes that remain long after reading. This is a gorgeous book.' - Kris Olsson, novelist, biographer, essayist

ISBN: 9781760418069
Publication Date: 11-Nov-2019
Publisher: Ginninderra Press