The Lost Love Song

Minnie Darke

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This is the story of a love song ... And like any good love song, it has two parts. In Australia, Arie Johnson waits impatiently for classical pianist Diana Clare to return from a world tour, hopeful that after seven years together she'll finally agree to marry him. On her travels, Diana composes a song for Arie. It's the perfect way to express her love, knowing they'll spend their lives together ... Won't they?Then late one night, her love song is overheard and begins its own journey across the world.In Scotland, Evie Greenlees is drifting. It's been years since she left Australia with a backpack, a one-way ticket and a dream of becoming a poet. Now she spends her days making coffee and her nights serving beer. And she's not even sure whether the guy she lives with is really her boyfriend or just a flatmate.Then one day she hears an exquisite love song. One that will connect her to a man with a broken heart ...

ISBN: 9780143792307
Publication Date: 03-Mar-2020
Publisher: Random House Australia