The Knowledge Machine

Michael Strevens

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Rich with tales of discovery from Galileo to general relativity, a stimulating and timely analysis of how science works and why we need it

It is only in the last three centuries that the formidable knowledge-making machine we call modern science has transformed our way of life and our vision of the universe - two thousand years after the invention of law, philosophy, drama and mathematics. Why did we take so long to invent science? And how has it proved to be so powerful?The Knowledge Machine gives a radical answer, exploring how science calls on its practitioners to do something apparently irrational- strip away all previous knowledge - such as theological, metaphysical or political beliefs - and channel unprecedented energy into observation and experiment. In times of climate extremes, novel diseases and rapidly advancing technology, Strevens contends that we need more than ever to grasp the inner workings of our knowledge machine.

ISBN: 9780241205778
Publication Date: 01-Oct-2020
Publisher: Penguin Books, Limited