The Killing Kind

Jane Casey

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"Extremely tense and very gripping with a killer 'what if' your stalker claims to be the only person who can save you - what if this time he's telling the truth." -Ruth Ware, New York Times bestselling author

He tells you you're special...
As a barrister, Ingrid Lewis is used to dealing with tricky clients, but no one has ever come close to John Webster. After Ingrid defended Webster against a stalking charge, he then turned on her - following her, ruining her relationship, even destroying her home.

He tells you he wants to protect you...
Now, Ingrid believes she has finally escaped his clutches. But when one of her colleagues is run down on a busy London road, Ingrid is sure she was the intended victim. And then Webster shows up at her door...

But can you believe him?
Webster claims Ingrid is in danger - and that only he can protect her. Stalker or saviour? Murderer or protector? The clock is ticking for Ingrid to decide. Because the killer is ready to strike again.

Praise for The Killing Kind

'Nobody understands the dark gap between justice and the law better than Jane Casey' Val McDermid

'Cool, accomplished, compulsive' Cara Hunter

'Extremely tense and very gripping' Ruth Ware

'A compulsive page-turner ' Steve Cavanagh

'A breathless game of cat-and-mouse' Erin Kelly

'A truly masterly thriller' Liz Nugent

'Tense and well-plotted' Harriet Tyce

'Each twist tightens the screw' J. R. Ellis

'Brilliant plotted' Catherine Cooper, author of The Chalet

'One of my favourite writers' Dervla McTiernan, author of The Ruin

'Twisty and unexpected' Ann Cleeves

'Heart-stopping twists ' Sarah Hilary

'Endlessly surprising' Catherine Ryan Howard

'One of those 'just one more page' books' Susi Holliday, author of The Last Resort

'Authentic, tense, thrilling' Will Dean

'Intricate' Jane Shemilt, author of Daughter

'Fast-paced' Jo Spain, author of Dirty Little Secrets

'Brilliant' The Times

ISBN: 9780008404932
Publication Date: 27-May-2021
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Limited