The Heart of Jesus Valentino

Emma Gilkison

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Emma Gilkison is thrilled to be pregnant. But during a routine twelve-week ultrasound she learns that the baby's heart is growing outside his body - an extremely rare and usually fatal condition called ectopia cordis. She and her partner Roy face a heartbreaking decision. Should they end the pregnancy, or continue in the knowledge their baby will die? They walk an emotional minefield as they struggle to agree on a way forward. Seeking help and spiritual counsel from people of many different views and beliefs, they find hope, meaning, and consolation in unexpected places. The Heart of Jes s Valentino is an extraordinary story about a young couple forced to go beyond their everyday experience and confront head-on issues of life and death.

ISBN: 9781927249581
Publication Date: 14-Sep-2018
Publisher: Awa Press