The Hate Race

Maxine Beneba Clarke

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'Maxine Beneba Clarke is a powerful and fearless storyteller' - Dave Eggers, international bestselling author of A HEARTBREAKING WORK OF STAGGERING GENIUSIn an emotional, disturbing and at times hilarious memoir of the first thirty years of her journey, Caribbean-Australian writer Maxine Beneba Clarke chronicles life in the racially charged episodes that have formed part and parcel of growing black up in Australia. Targeted by the pre-school bully, excluded from grade one Kiss 'N' Catch, weathering a daily hail of spit balls and abuse, terrorised by her gymnastic teacher for her inability to tuck her bottom in, and publicly ridiculed for her failure to run cross country the way black people can, the author struggles to navigate life in the white picket fence suburb of Kellyville. As a high schooler, she is racially abused by classmates, ignored by most of her teachers, and told by the careers advisor to be a bit more realistic when she mentions university. The handsome boyfriend all her friends covet turns out to be a negrophiliac, obsessed with all things black, and her father, in the midst of a mid-life crisis, and tired of the pressures of heading a black family, leaves the family home to move in with his blonde haired, blue-eyed girlfriend. At twenty-four, armed with two university degrees, Maxine finds herself working in a legal centre for indigenous women, and struggles with having unwittingly become a beneficiary of the same colonisation which has destroyed the lives of her indigenous clients. Then, at twenty six, the author gives birth to a translucent white baby. Though his skin darkens over time, the great elephant in the room comes back to haunt her. Faced with the prospect of raising a mixed race family in suburban Australia, she encounters a new, more vicious form of racism.

ISBN: 9780733632280
Publication Date: 09-Aug-2016
Publisher: Hachette Australia