The Good Fat Guide

David Gillespie

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David Gillespie reviews the latest research from this rapidly evolving field linking seed oils to a host of diseases, including cancer. Over the past century, manufactured seed oils--canola, sunflower, and rice bran oil, among others--have systematically replaced saturated fats in our diet. Despite nutrition guidelines stating this is a good thing, our rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are soaring. In fact, recent findings suggest that animal fats are not the villains we once thought them to be. As most processed foods--from breads and crackers to mayonnaise and pesto--contain seed oils, David shows us how to identify these toxic products and make healthier choices at the supermarket. He tells us which brands to avoid, which to enjoy--and how to create seed-oil free versions of favorite foods at home. Includes metric measures.

ISBN: 9781760559472
Publication Date: 23-Jul-2019
Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia Pty, Limited