The Girl Who Reads on the Mtro

Christine Féret-Fleury

$24.99 Hardback
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When Juliette takes the mtro to her loathed office job each morning, her only escape is in books - she avidly reads on her journey and imagines what her fellow commuters' choices might say about them.But when, one day, she decides to alight the train a few stops early and meets Soliman - the mysterious owner of the most enchanting bookshop Juliette has ever seen - she is sure her life will never be the same again ...For Soliman also believes in the power of books to change the course of a life - entrusting his passeurs with the task of giving each book to the person who needs it most - and he thinks Juliette is perfect for the job.And so, leaving her old life behind, Juliette will discover the true power a book can have ...

ISBN: 9781509868339
Publication Date: 17-Oct-2019
Publisher: Pan Macmillan