The Flip Side of Pulp Fiction

Little White Lies (Illustrator)

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What happens when Vincent Vega forgets his belt?Little White Lies film magazine presentsThe Flip Side of Pulp Fiction, a comic spin on a cult classic. A fleeting yet delightful experience, this flipbook is the physical embodiment of a one-liner - the perfect gift for the Quentin Tarantino fan that ensure you never look at Tarantino in quite the same way.The Flip Side of Pulp Fiction is illustrated by Laurne Boglio.

Collect other"The Flip Side of..." flipbooks byLittle White Lies: The Flip Side of Jurassic Park andThe Flip Side of Alien

All"The Flip Side of..." flipbooks are unofficial and unauthorized.

"The Flip Side of..." series was created byLittle White Lies, the leading indie film magazine combining cutting-edge design, illustration, and journalism.

ISBN: 9781786272485
Publication Date: 26-Feb-2019
Publisher: Laurence\\King#Publishing