The Father Hood

Luke Benedictus; Andrew McUtchen; Jeremy Macvean

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Traditional gender roles are rapidly changing. It is a revolution of the deepest kind and this book will explore what it means to be a dad, with all its facets and challenges. Dads that are confident and more hands-on means a happier family and The Father Hood is the perfect guide to make this a reality.

Full of advice, inspirational quotes, tactics, plus interviews with both celebrities and the everyday male, The Father Hood is a must-have book for anyone intending to make the 3.0 father feel less disoriented and alone on the great journey that is fatherhood.

There are interviews and "Words from the wise", which are written from fathers to other fathers, passing on their experiences of caring for their children. Chapters include single dads, how grandparents are modern superheroes, what it means to date a woman who has a child, the challenges of a blended family and much more because being a dad shouldn't account for stereotypes.

Whether it is for you or for someone else, the graphic and contents of The Father Hood will touch your soul.

ISBN: 9781760524920
Publication Date: 05-Aug-2019
Publisher: Murdoch Books Pty Limited